Октябрь 2018 — Заметка №5

Какое-то время назад мне надо было написать гайд по интерфейсам и текстам в Эквиде. В результате появился вот этот манифест, который определяет мое понимание того “как правильно”.

1. Explicit is better than implicit. Assume that there are no “defaults” that a user already knows. 2. Obvious wins. Make buttons, links and actions obvious. 3. Show value for users. Not features or characteristics. Value = it makes the merchant’s life better, easier, and saves them time. Brings more revenue (directly or indirectly) while removing hassle and pain from processes. 4. Design for intent. For the user’s motivation to move forward. He/she should see how great their business is going to be once they do what we suggest. Show the “future” merchant who is great and awesome. 5. No technical or e-commerce jargon. Keep in mind that everyone might not know what “URL” is. 6. Interface should be friendly but not unceremonious. 7. Remove FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. Fear: “It is too complex. I am not technical person. I cannot do it”. Uncertainty: “How can I do it? I don’t know what to do”. Doubt: “Should I do it?”

Анна из Telegram канала “lil words make magic” про слова в интерфейсе (рекомендую) любезно перевела его на русский.