Февраль 2018 — Заметка №2

“Product Management in 100 words”: https://medium.com/@mr.thomas/pming-at-google-in-100-words-85655785c6fd

Статья — набор идей, про каждую из которых можно много рассказывать.

Prioritize. Have strong opinions, weakly held. Plug the gaps. Launch and iterate. Know the user. People > products. Create team culture. Always overcommunicate. Work with people whose strengths and weaknesses complement your own. Take good notes. Your calendar is sacred. There is no such thing as an easy launch; launching good enough > never launching. Have fun, detatch, do not burn out. Always have a 20% project. Follow passions and connect the dots later. Always have a cofounder. Begging forgiveness > asking permission. Embrace the struggle. Take big risks; your failures won’t matter in two years and your successes could change the world.