Май 2017 — Заметка №6

“44 engineering management lessons”: http://www.defmacro.org/2014/10/03/engman.html (хорошая подборка)

Конечно она больше для тех, кто управляет инженерами. Но там есть штуки, которые интересны будут всем. Например:

Authority isn’t bestowed freely. It’s earned by making good decisions over time. Don’t make decisions unless you have to. Whenever possible, allow the team to explore ideas and make decisions on its own. Do make decisions when it’s necessary. Few things are as demoralizing as a stalled team.

If you feel something’s wrong, you’re probably right. Don’t let anyone bully you into ignoring your feelings.
If you find yourself blaming someone, you’re probably wrong. Nobody wakes up and tries to do a bad job. 95% of the time you can resolve your feelings by just talking to people.
Your team looks to you for leadership. Have the courage to say what everyone knows to be true but isn’t saying.
Most intellectual arguments have strong emotional undercurrents. You’ll be dramatically more efficient once you learn to figure out what those are.

Don’t judge too quickly; you’re right less often than you think. Even if you’re sure you’re right in any given case, wait until everyone’s opinion is heard.

People will push and prod to discover your boundaries. Knowing when to stand back and when to stand firm is half the battle.
Occasionally someone will push too far. When they do, you have to show a rough edge or you’ll lose authority with your team.
A firm “I’m not ok with that” is usually enough.
Don’t laugh things off if you don’t feel like laughing them off. Have the courage to show your true emotions.
If you have to firmly say “I’m not ok with that” too many times to the same person, it’s your job to fire them.
Unless you’re a sociopath, firing people is so hard you’ll invent excuses not to do it. If you’re consistently wondering if someone’s a good fit for too long, have the courage to do what you know is right.