Апрель 2017 — Заметка №17

И вот еще интересная статья “How Do You Measure Leadership?”: https://blog.ycombinator.com/how-do-you-measure-leadership/ Чуваки говорят, что есть три признака успешного лидера:

1. Clarity of Thought and Communication
Great leaders think and communicate clearly. They describe a vision of the future that people find compelling to work hard to achieve. If your employees are confused about your mission and strategy, or do not find it motivating or credible, they will not follow you with the focus and determination necessary to succeed.

2. Judgment about People
Great leaders have great intuition about people, particularly when it comes to selecting people to whom they give power and responsibility. They are able to see hidden potential in people and detect cases where ambition exceeds ability. And when they make hiring or promotion mistakes, which are inevitable, they have the courage to rectify the situation if the employee cannot be coached to improve. Nothing does more damage to an organization or to the standing of a leader than picking the wrong leaders or failing to correct these mistakes when they happen. The judgment around the initial hiring or promotion decision is the most important, as leaders who fire too many of their own also lose a lot of credibility and trust.

3. Personal Integrity and Commitment
Great leaders have exceptional personal integrity and commitment to their mission. Integrity means standing for something meaningful beyond oneself rather than being motivated by narrow personal interests. It means being able to admit when you have made a mistake rather than acting like you are always right and having the humility to receive critical feedback openly and work to improve. It means avoiding behavior like favoritism, conflicts of interest, inappropriate language, inappropriate work relationships, etc., that erode trust. A useful test is to ask yourself: if your team had full transparency into your private communications and behavior towards employees, would you be embarrassed by anything you have done or said? This is a high bar, but one that great leaders strive to meet.